Sunday, 4 December 2011

All About Me !!!

Volunteering and leadership are very important, not just to me but to the world. Without volunteers and leaders nothing would ever get done. The world as we know it today would cease to exist. Really most of my interests have to do with life and the environment. I am and avid hunter and fisher, I love the outdoors and nature, it interests me, the complexity of it is simply amazing. I also enjoy coin collecting, reading, history and learning fun facts. Did you know that babies are born without knee caps? My plans for the future are simple, hopefully if everything goes as planned, I want to go university to study something that uses science or to be more specific chemistry, which is my favorite branch of science, and hopefully get a good paying job doing something I enjoy, such as anything to do with science, chemistry, computers or in the outdoors. I first became interested in volunteering and leadership when I went I went to a regional Anglican church youth senate, I met some great people and realized that I was a leader for the youth in my region , where many youth don’t be involved. I was setting an example for the youth of my area. I then continued to volunteer at local places and in my school, for instance I referee/ coach grades four, five, six, and seven in various sports throughout the year. I am president of my student council, and active in my schools breakfast program. My acts in volunteering are mainly because I was inspired by my mom, she always volunteers and helps other people, no matter how tired or busy, She tries to help. If someone needs her she’s there. Her determination, really inspired me to be like her and try and volunteer whenever, wherever I can. Due to this volunteering is very important to me. To me volunteering is a huge part of everyone’s life, it is the driving force behind every great plan and idea. It wins elections, build building saves lives. It’s everywhere. To me volunteering is my way of giving back to people and the world, it’s my way of expressing drive and determination to help others when they need it. it’s a way for me to show that I care about issues happening all around me. I volunteer because I like to make people happy. Their is no better feeling than volunteering to do something and seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they see it. It’s lets you know that there is still compassion and heart in the world. Leadership is also very important to me, when I’m a leader, I try my hardest to succeed and be efficient at the task in hand and try my hardest to overcome any obstacles in the way. I’m very driven to get things done. I think leadership and volunteering go hand and hand. Without leaders how would volunteers know what to do, and without volunteers there be no leaders. Look at any great leader of today? They would not be where they are without volunteers. They are just as vital to them, to help send them in the right direction, as they are to lead the volunteers in the right direction.

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  1. Hi Jamal,

    Very interesting post!

    I think that you drew upon some really great points. People volunteer because they love the feeling they get from doing it and because it's what drives and motivates them to succeed.
    It's great how your school and community involvement has evolved and how you are now your student council president and a very active volunteer. It's also great how you know what your interests are and the kind of studies you might be interested in pursuing. I am sure you will greatly succeed!

    Congrats on your first post, really well done! :)