Monday, 6 February 2012

What I’m Into

I like to volunteer.  When I volunteer it makes me feel accomplished, like I’m doing something important. It is a great way for me to reach out and connect a little to the people of  both the community I live in and my school community. To me it is a great way to stay involved with what happens in the current world around you. I am involved in a number of ways. For instance I am on my school’s student council. I am the current president! My fellow student voted me on this council and appointed me the president. I specifically like this activity because it allows me to have a little say on what is going on for the students and help organize an more enjoyable environment in the school for the students. It allows me to find ways to get the people who don’t like school more involved. It allows me to connect to the students and figure out what they want to do and not be as clich├ęd or repetitive in the activities that are done at my school for the students.
            I am also involved in my schools SADD(Students Against Drunk Driving) group. This is very important to me, I believe drunk driving is an on going issue in Canada and even to some extent locally. This is a great way to spread awareness of the issue to people around the local communities. I feel like I am doing a little favor to society when the group does various campaigns to spread awareness of the issue. I also volunteer in my schools breakfast program. I serve breakfast to the students of my school. This makes me feel very good. Simply because of the smiles and happy faces you see when the students come to get juice or toast. It really makes you smile and appreciate things, when you see that they become so happy from it.
            I also occasionally volunteer at my local Anglican church as a reader and sides person. I also help with various activities that my church organizes. My family was always involved in the local church and I just followed suit really with helping around it.
I also volunteer at lunch times in the gym to help the teacher with sports for the elementary. I show the children how to play the sport right and all about the rules. I also referee for them and watch them play there sports. I have also refereed a couple volleyball games to help my gym teacher and gain valuable experience for later in life. I do a bit of this volunteering for my career development class but would other do it even if I never had the class.. It is very enjoyable and makes me feel really good when I do it.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

This video is interesting. I find this video interesting because it shows just how much we take for granted in the natural world around us. It shows the truth of what he say’s id the economic invisibility of nature. He say’s that things have to change because of economics. This is the most complete and honest truth. We use so many natural things around us for free but never think about the cost that it may be causing the place we live or other places. The video uses an example of mangrove tree groves in South America and how important they actually are to there environment. Many people use them for free. Yet, the cost of what using them cost’s South America millions, almost billions of dollars to compensate for the loss of such trees. This money is spent through ways to protect the tree for over cutting for lumber industry who’s money does not compensate for such costs. The mangroves also give natural storm protection and habitat to people in the rainforest’s of the area. Money has to be spent for storm protection and many other services, also they need to spend money to compensate people who lost there homes to the loss of the tree. This is just to show how we may use something or get something that is free, but it is not actually free, it cost’s so much more than we realize it does. This is particularly interesting to me, simply because I like to learn about global issues that directly affect me and this is a hidden global issue that no one really realizes is even happening around them. In my opinion it is the bane of our world wide society in general. This unknown epidemic, of sorts just shows how much humans in general are greedy and self centered. We do and think in way that can only benefit ourselves most of the time without realizing cost or impact in the long run. The guy in this video say’s that in order to change this and actually save the worlds money and resources we have to realize this problem and begin caring about what we use and conserving. This is completely true because we never think about the what if, we only think now and that things will last forever. So I do believe if we as the human race had to begin to pay for all the free natural products or services we use, much of which we view as a given right. We would consider the possible implications of what we are doing to the planet and environment and conserve more, by not using half as much a what we do right now. In other words the brightest and most brilliant, and developed animal, is bringing the downfall of its own race, and this might put it in perspective for most people.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

All About Me !!!

Volunteering and leadership are very important, not just to me but to the world. Without volunteers and leaders nothing would ever get done. The world as we know it today would cease to exist. Really most of my interests have to do with life and the environment. I am and avid hunter and fisher, I love the outdoors and nature, it interests me, the complexity of it is simply amazing. I also enjoy coin collecting, reading, history and learning fun facts. Did you know that babies are born without knee caps? My plans for the future are simple, hopefully if everything goes as planned, I want to go university to study something that uses science or to be more specific chemistry, which is my favorite branch of science, and hopefully get a good paying job doing something I enjoy, such as anything to do with science, chemistry, computers or in the outdoors. I first became interested in volunteering and leadership when I went I went to a regional Anglican church youth senate, I met some great people and realized that I was a leader for the youth in my region , where many youth don’t be involved. I was setting an example for the youth of my area. I then continued to volunteer at local places and in my school, for instance I referee/ coach grades four, five, six, and seven in various sports throughout the year. I am president of my student council, and active in my schools breakfast program. My acts in volunteering are mainly because I was inspired by my mom, she always volunteers and helps other people, no matter how tired or busy, She tries to help. If someone needs her she’s there. Her determination, really inspired me to be like her and try and volunteer whenever, wherever I can. Due to this volunteering is very important to me. To me volunteering is a huge part of everyone’s life, it is the driving force behind every great plan and idea. It wins elections, build building saves lives. It’s everywhere. To me volunteering is my way of giving back to people and the world, it’s my way of expressing drive and determination to help others when they need it. it’s a way for me to show that I care about issues happening all around me. I volunteer because I like to make people happy. Their is no better feeling than volunteering to do something and seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they see it. It’s lets you know that there is still compassion and heart in the world. Leadership is also very important to me, when I’m a leader, I try my hardest to succeed and be efficient at the task in hand and try my hardest to overcome any obstacles in the way. I’m very driven to get things done. I think leadership and volunteering go hand and hand. Without leaders how would volunteers know what to do, and without volunteers there be no leaders. Look at any great leader of today? They would not be where they are without volunteers. They are just as vital to them, to help send them in the right direction, as they are to lead the volunteers in the right direction.